Monday, July 20, 2009

Here I go again...

Ok so I really haven’t had a real blog post in a while…and I have so much to share!
Ok so the whole Jake thing didn’t work out...turns out he wasn’t the one…not Mr. wonderful. In fact he was Mr. immature and is still suckling from his momma’s tit in my opinion. He broke it off….but it only took him a few weeks to see the mistake he had made. This happened way back in March…and he continues to text me and, on occasion when the whiskey has been a little to strong that night he will call me. I don’t answer his calls and try not to text back. Its always the same damn thing…”I want you back”, “please can we try it again”, “I can’t live without you” blah blah fucking blah!! I’m sick of it!!
My sister and I got moved into our mobile mansion in December. It has been wonderful living on my own…well my own plus my sister. And the greatest news of all…we are moving..AGAIN!!! This time into a house…with a garage…two HUGE bedrooms…huge ass kitchen…and a HUGE laundry room. We are very excited. Closing day is Aug. 10th and we hope to be moving things in that day. I’m a country girl at heart but since December we have been living smack dab in the middle of Louisville. I have to say…I hate living in town just as much as I always thought I would! Guess I will have to wait on my farmer boy to come along and sweep me off my feet and take me to our homestead in the country! ;) if there are any out there please just come my way!
And last but not least….since July 1st I have lost 15 pounds!!! And I hope I never, ever find them again!!!! J yaya me!! Between weight watchers and working out I have started on my way to my goal…drop 100 pounds…now this is my long term goal and I know it will take a while…short term I would like to loose 35 pounds by my birthday in November. I’m still pretty excited about loosing the weight I have lost. I hope that my energy mentally stays at this “excited” level.
This pretty well brings you up to speed on me….well I guess there is one other thing I could mention but not in this post….I’ll save that for next time ;) I'll try to not take so long next time getting back here! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sexting...more than just a text message...

I would like to know when "Sexting" became such a big freaking deal...hello...haven't we all been doing this for ages...ok maybe it wasn't over a cell phone in a text message but who hasn't sent an e-mail containing more than just "hi, how are you" or "hows the weather" Or dosen't one time or another use sexual references in everyday casual conversation? I'm just sick of hearing about "sexting" being the new thing....truth is i think its an old thing with a new name.
lol ok this is the dumbest blog ever but just had to get that off my chest! lol I haven't blogged in a billion years...thought this was something funny to get me back to it.
Sexting Definition: “Sexting” means sex texting — sending or receiving a text message that has sexual content. “Sexting” can also be defined as sending nude, semi-nude, or erotic pictures or video via cell phone. “Sexting” could mean sending and receiving a series of sexually explicit text messages for sexual gratification in the same manner as having phone sex. (“Sexting” is not used to refer to having sexual conversations over the cell phone, since that would still be called “phone sex.”) “Sexting” may be intended to be flirtatious or provocative, or it may be used to request or arrange a sexual encounter. — Dr. Sari Locker<>

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pictures of the mobile mansion Part 1

Here are some pictures I took yesterday of the mobile mansion, I will post new ones once we get moved in and fixed up the way we want.

Here is our little kitchen!

Here is our livingroom!

Here is one of the bedrooms!
It was so exciting yesterday to get the keys to my first place! Can't wait to get everything painted, boxed up and moved! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Lunch Date

Yesterday Jake met me for supper after work…as we were chatting he said “O yea mom wants to know if she can meet you for lunch tomorrow?” Immediately my mind starts freaking out. ((What does she want to talk about? What if she dosen’t like me? What if she wants me to stay away from her baby boy? What if we don’t have anything to talk about?)) So I agreed…because what else was I suppose to do, I couldn't say no. So I met her today for lunch…I have to say…I’m glad I met her. We had a very nice chat and I think she does like me..I hope anyway. Once again I freaked out for nothing! She even offered her assistance if I needed it when I start moving. How nice! And bought my lunch! Anyway so that is how my lunch date went with my future-almost-maybe-I hope-someday-mother -in-law.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Moving day is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so it turns out I am moving out!!! My sister and I will be moving into a 1987 mobile mansion, haha. It should be just right for our first home away from mommy. This picture isn't the exact trailer but you get the idea. It’s a two bedroom, 1 bath. My sister told me I could have the big bedroom, which is great, but…the smaller bedroom has the bigger closet, and I have a TON of shoes. But anyway, it isn’t the prettiest thing you ever laid your eyes on but its ours and that is all the matters. The kitchen is the tiniest kitchen I think I’ve ever seen but the living room is rather large for what I was expecting. Technically we will be renting it off our parents as they are financing it which may be an issue later on when they still want to rule the roost but we will see. I think this will be great for both me and my sister. We are both very excited! The closing date is December 1st but they may possibly be moved out before then. My birthday this year is on thanksgiving so it would be awesome if they were moved out by then so the day after thanksgiving (we have the day off) we could start getting stuff moved and paint if we decide to paint. Right now we have pretty well NOTHING as far as cooking utensils and things go but mom is going to give us some….she is wanting new so what better excuse right? And we are getting a couch and chair from our basement. It comes with the stove and refrigerator so that is a big plus but we need to find a cheap used washer and dryer and a microwave. Anyway that is my excitement….I’ll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving day???...

Ok so its been a while since i've blogged....not like anybody missed me, haha. Well not much has changed…I’m still in love, still working my job that I tolerate until something better comes along….O and by the way I still have the old undies…I haven’t found any that I LOVE and for me to spend money on them I’m gonna have to LOVE them, haha. O and I have this desperate urge to move out of my parents house. They have the same desire as they are sick of my “shit” laying around…whatever…I have a tiny bedroom that has 22 years of “shit” bursting at the seams…there is just no more room. So now the question is…to rent?…or to buy?…can I afford to move out right now? much are my student loans going to be when they come due in February? What can I afford to pay?? ….Where do I start if I decide to buy?? What’s the best area to live in? Are there unseen costs hidden away? Will my sister move in with me?? Will Jake (yes this is Mr. J’s real name…no need to hide it anymore, haha) move in with me? Would he want to move in with me? Then that question opens up a whole new list of questions…If we move in together will we get married or will he just want to live together forever?…will my parents disown me if we do live together? Is this the best way to start out our lives?

Am I a little crazy here?? Are these the right questions to be asking? I just feel like I’m sitting still and all these question twirl around in my head all day long. Something has got to happen soon because…me and my parents have…outgrown each other I think. Not that we love each other any less we just need our own space. AWWWWWWWWWWW to be a grownup….aint it great?!?! haha

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Margaritas and Hot Tortillas...

Tonight I get to go out with one of the girls and have a margarita or to and what goes better with Margarita's then Taco's! haha. I can't wait I wish it was 5 o'clock all ready!! And then we are hitting the mall. It is underwear shopping time. Me and my friend J were discussing this the other night...have you ever had a pair of undies that just fall down all day because they are SO old that they have no shred of elastic left in them...yea thats how 95% of my undies are getting to be and darn it I deserve new one's! HAHA. So here's to Margaritas, hot tortillas and and new pair of drawers! :) Sorry if that was TMI! haha